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I'm an eternal 20-something who indulges in a lot of retail therapy. I love summer and the beach. In fact, sun makes me happy. If I don't cry in a movie it's not a good movie. My family means the world to me and I love baking cakes for my nieces and nephews, although I never follow the recipe and always add ingredients.
My confession: I love going into toy shops and looking at the Barbie dolls

instagram: ELZAANS



I love fashion because I love change. Growing up, my wall was covered in pics torn out of Vogue, Cosmo and Elle magazines so that you couldn't even see the magenta pink walls underneath!! I hold my family and friends very close to my heart plus I recently married my best buddy, whoohoo! Confession: One of my favourite things is to eat speckled eggs for breakfast.


I'm fervent in my belief that fashion is easy and should be embraced instead of feared. Everyone should embrace fashion in their own individual way. Weird is a side effect of awesome. Always meticulously dressed, I never stop surprising everyone with my knowledge of F1 and sport in general. I can bust some serious moves on the dancefloor too! Confession: Life is too short to have boring hair


I love individualism, which is why I'm constantly looking for ways to make my wardrobe more fabulous. I wore a dress with a springbok piece and African beads to my Matric dance, which expressed my passion for ethnic fashion and made sure I stood out amongst the ball gowns. Confession: I need a whole 1h30 to get ready every day . . .


Katlego Makola

Born and bred in the city of lights, Jozi. Good Music, good food, style and networking pretty much sum up a day in my life, plus I'm an explorer of note.
Confession: Whenever I'm in doubt I wear Red Lipstick.

twitter: @KatMLogan

instagram: Katlegologan

facebook: katlego.logan

Matsele Phoko

I'm an organised, sophisticated woman with the ability to empower and motivate. I enjoy helping people and being a role model. I'm an achiever, an inspiration and a queen of multitasking.
Confession: In order to be irreplaceable I must be different.

twitter: @MatselePhoko

instagram: Matsele Phoko

facebook: MatselePhoko

Miliswa Sitshwele

I LOVE fashion. New clothes excite me. I spend hours thinking of ways to re-invent my closet. I'm always on the lookout for feminine vintage treasures and believe that no outfit is a coincidence - looking good requires planning and coordination.
Confession: I can't live without eyeliner and lipstick.


twitter: @Milirazzi

instagram: Milirazzi

facebook: milisuthando.sitshwele

Morongwa Mokgonyana

I'm a Cost and Management Accounting student at TUT. My family mean the world to me and always come first. Even though my student budget limits my love of shopping, I strive to look my best on a daily basis.
Confession: I can't leave the house without eyeliner on.

twitter: @MsMokgonyana

instagram: Ms_Mokgonyana

facebook: morongwa.mokgonyana1

Naledi Mkanda

I'm spontaneous, creative, a hard worker and passionate about what I do. I can handle pressure at any given time, I smile a lot and LOVE fashion.
Confession: I keep paying homage to style

twitter: @Naledi_mkanda

instagram: Naledi_mkanda

facebook: nledee

Ncomeka Mpofu

I'm an easy-going extrovert who's obsessed with all things makeup, hair and beauty. I'm a student of life and take every day as an opportunity to learn, grow and be better than I was yesterday.
Confession: I am a recovering shopaholic.


twitter: @Meka_Owethu

instagram: Meka_Owethu

facebook: ncomeka.mpofu

Nomthandazo Buthelezi

I work as an Events Coordinator and I'm an aspiring Designer and Entrepreneur. I love traveling, reading, shopping, and drawing. I'm adventurous and love meeting new people, so please get in touch!
Confession: I'm a coffee addict.


twitter: @Mehloe

instagram: Mehloe

facebook: thandazo.buthelezi

Noni Sibiya

Noni is Zahir, which means incapable of going unnoticed in Arabic. I'm an open book and feel that the world is too guarded and that the soul is too beautiful to be hidden.
Confession: I'm convinced I'm an 80's, not a 90's baby

twitter: @Rascayx

instagram: Rascayx

facebook: rascayx.sibiya

Phathu Musitha

My clothes are like my second child. Experience has taught me that a good pair of heels makes or breaks an outfit. Chic mixed with casual on any day and I know for sure that a pop of colour never killed anyone.
Confession: I can't live without mascara

twitter: @PhathuMusitha

instagram: PhathuMusitha

pinterest: Phathu

facebook: phathu

Sandy Seema

I'm a typical mommy's girl who's in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met. I love food, discovering new things and most of all, I just love life and all it has to offer - a world of wonder.
Confession: Oh lipstick, you're my weakness!

twitter: @Sandzseema

instagram: Sandzseema

facebook: sandy.seema

Tamara Verveen

I carry my heart on my sleeve. I'm an open-minded soul who tries to be a better human being every day and tries to keep looking at the world with childlike wonder.
Confession: May exhibit princess tendencies, occasionally.

twitter: @DaTVShow

instagram: InstaT.V

facebook: tamara.verveen

Western Cape

Chadernnay Brink

I like to look good because when you look good, you feel good too, but I don't like spending hours getting ready. I believe that we should all embrace our natural gifted beauty.
Confession: I simply cannot live without my stash of chocolates and my lip-balm.


twitter: @Chadernnay

instagram: Chadernnay

facebook: chadernnay.brink

Chantal Philander

I'm a Style & Beauty Blogger at I love writing, watching series and especially enjoy meeting new people every day! Love, Live & Laugh.
Confession: I'm a sucker for pretty cupcakes with loads of sprinkles.


twitter: @ChanniChic

instagram: Channichic

facebook: chantal.philander

Shingai Faith Chikoko

Laughter is my medicine and I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I love looking good and making others feel good about themselves.
Confession: I LOVE accessories

twitter: @RealFay_Chik

instagram: MsFayChikoko

facebook: elana.chic

Zukiswa Sityebi

I love people and I love my country. I enjoy going out with friends and I like to stay on top of topical issues that affect my community.
Confession: Keep calm, it's not you I can't live without, it's my PHONE!!!

blog: Blog:

twitter: @Zukisityebi

instagram: Zukisityebi

facebook: zukiswa.sityebi

Eastern Cape

Lungile Magaba

I'm a humble colourful being, with a dash of cheek, a drizzle of craziness and generous amounts of chic.
Confession: I'm obsessed with all things sparkly.

twitter: @Lungileksw

instagram: Lungstar246

facebook: lungile.keswa

Kwazulu Natal

Camilla Gildenhuys

I'm a stylist, personal shopper, home organizer and fashion and beauty writer from JHB but now living in Durbs. I'm passionate about blogging, learning new things, styling photoshoots, brunching, TV series, makeup, yoga and Instagramming.
Confession: I would get in so much more sleep if I didn't love blogging so much!


twitter: @CJaneWonder

instagram: CJaneWonder

facebook: Jane.Wonder.Fashion

Mpume Kuzwayo

I work for a Voice Recording Studio so I've learnt to be a good listener. I believe that when you look good, you definitely feel good and I'm a sucker for vintage items.
Confession: I'm addicted to all things beautiful and fashionable.

twitter: @Mpumekuzwayo

instagram: Mpumiecj

facebook: mpume.kuzwayo